by Lindsey Fox

Anti-Aging Guide

Women often are looking for ways to help their skin from pre-mature wrinkles and aging. Here is a quick guideline to help prevent all of that. Click "read more>>" to see all the tips!

Step 1: Shrink your pores The older you get your pores expand more, and gunk can accumulate in them. To prevent them from getting clogged so easily switch to a cleanser with salicylic acid.

Step 2: Let it rip Clean out your pores once a week with pore strips (be careful though, because some can actually rip your skin off if not done correctly).

Step 3: Get more sleep Try going to bed 15 minutes earlier for 4 nights in a row. This can help you gain more sleep. To be sure you get the 8 hours of sleep needed every night, try quitting the coffee intake after 3 p.m. and avoid any excercise three hours before you go to bed.

Step 4: Pile on antioxidants They are a great weapon against pollution and sun. The most potent are CoffeeBerry, idebenone, green tea, and pomegranate and Coenzyme Q10. Whichever one you have use it every morning for some all day protection!

Step 5: Wipe out dark spots Studies show that most people actually view mottled skin as being even older looking than those that have wrinkles... There is some good news though, dark spots can be faded in as little as a month!! Try using the ingredient hydroquinone, it should be dabbed directly onto those spots every night.

Step 6: Brighten up The older we get, cell turnover slows and dead skin cells pile up over our face. Get rid of them twice a week with an at home glycolic acid peel.

Step 7: Don't forget your neck and hands Believe it or not, those are body parts that will age even when your face may not be. Get them on the same routine as your face, with sunscreen every day and retinol at nighttime. Also, dab hydroquinone on sunspots, and exfoliate twice a week.

Hope these gave you a few simple tips to achieve younger looking skin for longer haha!

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