by Lindsey Fox

Currently My Mani

This is what I am currently sporting on my nails and I really love the color! Click the "read more>>" tab to see what I have on...

This is what I am wearing right now... the picture above isn't of my nails though, just one I found on google. The shade is called "Flashbulb Fuschia" and it's by O.P.I. It  feels so summery just having it on my nails, and I really love the color. It really takes me a long time to pick out what color I am going to put on my nails next haha. Usually I make up my mind waaay before I go to the salon, otherwise I stand there forever just trying to decide.

So I have debated on either doing a turquoise color or a yellow color next. What do you guys think?

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  1. oh go for the turquoise nails...........and plzz post a pic for us fellow beauties to see!! I have seriously been considering a turquoise because I am just wearing so much of that color, during these hot summer months, so I would love to see it displayed on someone elses nails first!!! Thanks for all the great tips and keep up the good work!



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