by Lindsey Fox

DIY Table Decor

Hey everyone... again I am apologizing for being a bit MIA lately. So to kick things off here is a decorative idea for any table you feel like dressing up!

This would be super simple to make yourself and I am about to tell you how and where you can find the items that it looks like they used.

1.Use any vase that you may have lying around, or you can pick a few up for super cheap at your local Dollar Tree for just $1. Craft stores have these also, but they are a bit more expensive. So I would look at Wal-Mart and a few other places for the cheapest ones.

2. Put a few of the colored rocks in the bottom, or you could use some actual pebbles. You can find them at Wal-Mart or at the Dollar Tree.

3. Find some flowers that you really like and onces that go with the theme of the room haha.. I would personally buy some fake ones. (If you buy fake ones you will need to buy some wire cutters as well so that it can fit into the vase) Again, you can buy flowers EVERYWHERE!

4. Add a floating candle on top... I have seen them available all over the place. Personally I have purchased some from Hobby Lobby.

5. Once you have it all together sit it on top of a mirrored tray. These come in all shapes and sizes, starting at about $5 each for the smaller onces. They are usually available at places like Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

There you have you a quick and simple DIY centerpiece.

Do you guys have any DIY ideas for centerpeices?

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  1. Great post, i'm definatly going to try this out Ax



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