by Lindsey Fox

How to Apply Foundation Like a Pro

Here are some tips on how you can apply your foundation like a pro.... A lot of people don't realize that they are doing it incorrectly (even I am guilty of getting into a hurry and knowingly doing it the wrong way). Click "read more>>" to see some pro tips!

Step 1: Find your color If you aren't that great at choosing which shade is right for you, then head on over to your nearest cosmetic counter at a department store and have the beauty advisor to help out. Then you could simply ask for a sample of the product to take home and then take it to the drugstore and look for the closest match. Drugstore foundations can be just as great as some of the high end brands. For instance, I would rather spend $10 on L'oreal true match than buy a MAC foundation. (Trust me, L'oreal makes some great foundations!!)

Step 2: Prep your skin Be sure to make sure your skin is clean and moisturized. I recommend waiting about 5 minutes so that it has time to set into your skin and dry. Use a primer if your makeup has to last for a long period of time. I really like Smashbox or Urban Decay, you could even just use the primer by itself to act as a complextion smoother!

Step 3: Swipe it on the right way This step is where I feel like people tend to go wrong the most... Apply using your fingers for little coverage. (Sometimes I feel like my fingers are the best tools though. The warmth from your fingers will warm up the foundation and give you a better application) For more coverage try using a sponge. To get an airbrushed finish be sure to blend your foundation all over.. This includes the eye area as well, starting in the middle and working your way outward. Tip: I put my foundation onto the back of my hand so that it warms it up, then apply it from there.

Step 4: Do concealer after foundation While there are times when you can apply the concealer first, this isn't usually the case. Having the foundation down first will help to keep the concealer crease-free. Some artists will tell you do your best to choose a concealer the exact shade of your foundation, and others say one shade lighter. Personally I perfer a concealer one shade lighter than my foundation. Use a small concealer brush to cover the darkest part of under eye circles. Tip: try creating an upside down triangle under the eyes and then blending it outwards, it will help to brighten and "lift" the area. Remember... darker colors make things seem further away, and lighter colors bring it out more!

Step 5: Finish with a luminous powder This type of powder will keep your skin glowing while also keeping shine to a minimum. To apply it, dust starting at the hairline on one side, swooping down to your cheek bone, then up to the bridge of your nose, down your other cheek, and then up again to the opposite hairline. The type of powder you use can certainly be just a personal preference!

I hope some of you found these tips to be helpful! Also, I really want all of my readers to know that if I am not responding back to your comments it's because there is no longer a reply button on them for me to write back... but I do read each and every single last one of them!

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