by Lindsey Fox

Introducing 2 New Sigma Brushes...

I am really excited to introduce these two new brushes that have just been added to the Sigmax collection from Sigma Beauty! Click "read more>>" to see what they are all about..

Introducing the F-88 flat angled kabuki and the P-88 precision flat angled brushes. Both are designed to provide a sufficient and superior application of cream and liquid products.The design of both brushes is so unique and as of right now isn't offered by any of line in the industry! So if you are someone that you feel like these would be really great for, I would definitely try and get my hands on these before they are out of stock!

Thankfully though they are part of their permanent collection, so hopefully we will be seeing these around for quite some time. Plus, they are available to purchase individually or as part of the updated 5-piece Synthetic Kabuki Kit & Precision Kit.

I do want to point out that Sigma brushes are no joke, and what I mean is that they really are very high quality brushes, for some great prices.. plus I was really excited when I received my free gift with my recent order. Simply because there was a brush that I wanted two of but decided to just order one, and my free gift was a travel size brush in the one that I wanted haha! I got lucky I guess.

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  1. Love the look of both of these! You may have persuaded me to head over and make a purchase :) Now following you xx



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