by Lindsey Fox

Wedding on the Mind

Hey everyone... I am finally back! If you read my short post yesterday then you know that my internet has been out, but it is now back to working. Anyways, I have some really fun and exciting news to share with all of you.
After spending a couple years going through what wedding pictures we have.. I proposed to my hubby and we are now planning a vow renewal/wedding haha! When we were married we planned our entire wedding in about a month and a half because my hubby was suppose to have to leave the country (he ended up being here for an extra four month due to a knee surgery though). While it all looked really great, there were a few things that caused it to be a bit of a disaster. For one, the groomsmen decided to throw the entire wedding party into the pool which caused everyone to leave the reception super early!

On top of that the photographer that we were lucky enough to be getting for FREE, was in a car wreck a couple days before and couldn't make it. Since we didn't have to budget for a photographer, we ended up not having one. So we only have a select few pictures, and LOTS of details were left out!

With all that being said, we have decided to start planning super early this time, and not a February wedding haha! Last time it ended up snowing, so a lot of people couldn't make it, so probably early June of 2015. I know it seems like a really long ways off, but I am really thankful to have a ton of time to plan everything out EXACTLY the way I want it to be this time.

I am warning you now you might see lots of wedding posts haha.. especially since I am a huge DIY person. Down to every last detail.... the only thing I can't do is make my own dress haha! Above is a pic of my bouquet, which I still have in perfect condition, made by one of my maids of honor! Yes, I do love the way fresh flowers look, but I LOVE even more that with the silk or just regular flowers from Wal-Mart, they last a lifetime.

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