by Lindsey Fox

Fake A Facial

Hi beauties! I was in the middle of researching a post to share with all of you and I came across this great tip instead. Follow the "read more>>" tab to check it out!

Since facials can get a little bit prices overtime, try purchasing a Clarisonic instead. It's a bit of a splurge, but they really are worth it. Personally I love mine! The picture above is the one that I have... it's the coral colored (which I love) Mia 2. It comes with everything shown above; the travel case, charger, one brush head, and a travel size cleanser (which will last a little while since you use a small amount of it at a time). 

Exfoliating with the Clarisonic every day can actually mimic the brightening and smoothing results of a regular facial. One thing that I really do love about it, aside from the fact that it leaves my skin feeling super smooth afterwards, is that it doesn't make my skin even more oily. Did you know that the more you exfoliate with somethingit doesn't cause it to dry out your skin, it will actually make it even more oily?

So the great thing about taking the splurge by purchasing a Clarisonic, is that in the long run you will actually save money! Keep that in mind next time you are headed off to get a facial. Plus it comes in LOTS of fun colors too haha!

I hope that maybe this little tip gave you some ideas, and helps you save money too!

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