by Lindsey Fox

Make Some Extra Cash

Hey guys... I recently found a new website where you can make extra cash taking surveys. Click "read more>>" to check it out!

Cashcrate is an online website to basically just sets you up with lots of offers so that you have some opportunities to make some extra cash. I definitely recommend reading their terms of service before signing up, so that you know exactly what their site is all about and you won't be in for any extra surprises. By the way it's totally free to sign up, and they won't be charging you any sort of fee to use their site. Which I think is totally awesome!

It's super simple and fast to sign up... as well as FREE! They don't ask for too much information either, just your name and address so that they know where to send your check to. You can also opt out of their service if you feel the need to! I also want to point out that no one is paying me to tell you all about this service (I found it all by myself haha).

To sign up for Cashcrate simply click on any of the highlighted links or you can just visit the link below!

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