by Lindsey Fox

Makeup When You Are Running Late

Today's video is a makeup look/routine to try out for those days when you wake up late and don't have a lot of extra time to do your makeup. "read more>>" to see it!

I do use a mixture of drustore and high end for this tutorial. This look is especially great to use for school since it is very natural looking, and a lot of schools don't allow you to wear too much makeup because they think it's distracting. If you would rather see a school look using all drugstore products, you can check out last year's back to school video below.

It's a little bit weird seeing this video from last year... and yes I have lost weight since then haha! Last year's video was filmed just a few month after having my daughter. Don't you think it's funny that I am wearing blue in both videos haha?

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  1. Hi hun i have nominated you for The Leibster Blog Award 2012.




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