by Lindsey Fox

Secrets to Looking Slimmer in your Clothes

Here are 5 tips to looking slimmer in everything you wear. "read more>>" to check them out!

1. Buy two things: a pencil skirt and a structured jacket. You can wear them together or separate, they are both very sleek.

2. Wear strategically placed darks: I am sure you have all heard that dark colors make you look slimmer. It's true though, they recede and take your inches with them haha.

3. Go monochrome: The trick with this is to wear one color head to toe. This just so happens to be a huge fall 2012 trend! Wear shades of the same color, with the darkest shade where you want the most slimming.

4. Streamline your shoes and legs: Dark skin, tights, or pants? Then do dark shoes. The same goes for if you are wearing light colors. If you have bright pants or tights on, then go a shade or two darker on your feet. It will not only make you look slimmer, but taller too!

5. Gently define your waist: A belt is great if you have that hour-glass shape. But even those with an apple shape can benefit from a top or dress that marks your waist with some tapering. Wear nothing shapeless!

I personally am a believer in the darker colors theory... What about you guys?

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