by Lindsey Fox

What to Wear! (a high school reunion)

It's hard to believe that my 10 year high school reunion is in just a few years. So this post really relates to me. I can start planning early haha! I love the movie Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, but let's not take their style for this occassion haha.. "read more>>" to see what to wear for a high school reunion.

Whether it's your own reunion, or maybe your significant other's, I am sure you still want to look great! These rules are really simple and quick! This definitely would've applied to my mom, who is actually having her high school reunion tonight (no it's not her 10 year LOL). I hope she has a blast! She reads my blog, so I am sure she will see this post soon haha...

1. Get yourself a fresh haircut a few weeks before. This is more of a reminder haha.

2. Do not wear something you would wear to work! Or anything that you have worn to work before!

3. You will have to wear a nametag most likely, so I wouldn't go for anything strapless.

4. When you graduated, your body wasn't finished growing, so don't hold yourself to that standard!     Adventure out instead.

5. Be sure to put on some sexy shoes... plus they can say a lot!

When are your high school reunions?

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