by Lindsey Fox

What to Wear! (a job interview)

Here is another post for my what to wear series. Today I am featuring what to wear for an interview. Click "read more>>" to check it out!

For an interview try following this rule. Ignore the idea of "office wear or casual wear" until you actually have the job. I doubt anyone doing the interview is thinking to themself "if only she looked a little less professional."

Remember though, a neckline at least an inch above your cleavage. This is NOT the time to be flirtatious looking. Also keep your hemline no more than a hand's width above your knee. You don't want it too short.

Try carrying a big bag too. I found this tip definitely different, but it says "of course I can take work home..if I have to."

This next tip is just to make you feel a little bit more confident. Try wearing one thing from someone who loves you. Like a necklace that was gifted to you.

Good luck on your next interview, and I hope you found these tips helpful!

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