by Lindsey Fox

What to Wear Series! (first date)

I am going to do a short series on what to wear for different occasions... So over the next few days I will feature different posts all about that. Today's post is what to wear for a first date. Click "read more>>" to check it out!

There are four things to remember when choosing an outfit for that first date.

Wear something that really says "you"... no matter if that means something very girly and lacy, or a motorcycle jacket. You always want to show the real you, and not pretend to be someone you aren't.

Let only ONE thing be flirtatious. This means either choosing a lower neckline or a higher hemline. Ladies, I don't mean to dress trashy either haha!

I would recommend to make whatever that flirtatious thing may be, white! Guys love the color white.

Accessorize. Try doing this with a story, like wearing your dad's watch, clothing item from another country, or a pair of shoes that you wore for a big event.  Not an accessory from your ex though, that's a big NO NO! The pieces may come in handy for a conversation starter at some piont in the night.

All of these tips can really come in handy for that first impression. Personally, I honestly can't remember what my hubby and I wore on our first date haha! So if it ends up working out, chances are what you wore for the first date won't matter. I am sure however, that I did want to impress him. Our first date was in the wintertime though, so my outfit wasn't exactly flirtatious haha!

If you are going on your first date have fun and be yourself, I know it can be a bit nerve racking! Good Luck too!

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