by Lindsey Fox

Curing Super Dry Hair

Yesterday I was asked by a friend if I had any tips for really dry hair. So I thought that I would share a couple, since I too have suffered from my hair being extremely dry. Click the "read more>>" tab to check it out!

Most of you probably don't know that I use to keep my hair blonde... so it was a lot of highlighting and upkeep that went into doing so. My hair was very dry and brittle from the bleach and it literally would just soak up product. So I learned lots of ways to keep it looking a whole lot healthier than what it was. Here are my some tips from my own personal experience.

1. Try not washing your hair every day.

2. If you can avoid it, don't wash the ends of your hair with shampoo every time. The shampoo will only take the oils out of your hair! I don't recommend doing this is you have had any product in your hair, I would shampoo all over to make sure it was all out. If you haven't had any product in, then there is no harm in skipping the shampoo all over the entire head.

2. Goin along with the second tip is this: when washing your hair, try to not condition your roots, unless your hair is so dry that you absolutely need to!

3. You can try applying a leave-in conditioner to your hair once you get out of the shower, to give it a little bit extra nourishment. Or try a hair serum to make it a little shinier and smoother looking. Paul Mitchell makes my favorite, but Sebastian makes a great one too. Both of those can be found at a hair salon, or even the salons in Wal-Mart carry them too!

4. I use to use a hair mast about once a week and my hair would feel AMAZING afterwards, and people complimented how great my hair looked when I used it. You can buy these at Wal-Mart in the shampoo section. I personally love one by Neutrogena, and totally recommend it to anyone.

5. If all else fails try a mayonaise mask! I know that sounds a bit crazy but it really works.. You can either apply it all over your hair, or just to your ponytail. Leave it in for about ten minutes, and then rinse. The mayo is great because it has tons of oils in it that you are soaking your hair in when using it. Be careful though, because it can make your hair too oily depending on how much of it you use. I would start off just using it towards the ends of my hair first and then if your hair is still too dry everywhere else, that's the time to try it on your roots. If it does make your hair too oily just shampoo your hair afterwards!

I personally have used all of these. For me the mayo mask made my hair too oily, but the Neutrogena mask worked great!!

Have you guys tried any of these before or do you have any tips I didn't mention?

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