by Lindsey Fox

How to Look Better in Pictures

We all want to look our best when taking any sort of pictures. Even those of us that hate taking pictures at all! Here are a few tips to help improve your pics. Click "Read more>>" to check it out!
Chances are you probably know a few ways that benefit you already, but here are a few more that maybe you didn't know. I know that lots of you have already had picture day...but some of you haven't I'm sure!

1. Apply your make in lighting that is close to what you will be photographed in. This will help to insure that it's not too heavy. Also, avoid sparkle because it can really make fine lines noticeable as well as age you. Unless you are going for that, then I guess this rule is out haha!

2. Use a light reflecting concealer. It will help to fit.undereye shadows.

3. The rules of blush are a little tricky because you want to wear a little extra for pictures, but don't go overboard. It's also important to make sure it's blended really well.

4. Keep you skin matte by using an anti-shine product like Smashbox Anti-Shine.

5. Try tricking the camera. Stand sideways, cross your legs, and twist your shoulders to the photographer, this will help slim your body. Remember that standing dead on will not work for this!

6. No gum chewing! You don't want to be chewing away and get snapped in a horrible picture haha!

7. Have your posture in check, it's very important.

8. If you hate the way your arms look, try making sure they aren't flat by your side, or put your hand on your hip. I am sure you have all seen celebs do this.. It's because it will actually make your arms appear smaller!

I hope these tips all helped and that your next picture turna out great!
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