by Lindsey Fox

Picking a coat for your body

I have really noticed that the coat you choose to wear can really affect the way your body looks, as well as the rest of your outfit. Here are a few tips on how to choose one that will best compliment your body. Click "read more>> below to check it out!
Here are a few ways to determine which coat will look best on you. These tips are all going by body type, so it makes it a bit easier to narrow down which one is best for you!

Plus size: Try one that is hip length or longer.

Larger bust: Go for a tailored solid style. I tend to really follow this rule, as well as the next since I have always been larger chested, as well as short.

Shorter waisted: Simple, don't cinch your clothes.

Slim everywhere: Belt your coat.. Also, a bright white adds curves everywhere. You can tie the belt behind you too!

What's your style?

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