by Lindsey Fox

Getting Sultry Lips

Every woman wants beautiful sultry lips. Here is how you can get them too, or atleast make it appear that way! Click the "Read More>> tab below to check it out!

 The picture on the right above is the perfect example of what I am about to explain how to do. Not necessarily the shape of her lips exactly, but the trick that the make-up artist used on her.

It's pretty simple, first apply your lip product using a lip brush. I recommend trying the Sigma L05 lip brush, not only is it a great quality brush, but really affordable at just $9. That's a steal compared to a MAC brush!!

Once you have your lip product or products applied just the way you like them, take a bit of your concealer onto your concealer brush. Using the brush, outline your lips slightly with the concealer all the way around. Try the F75 Sigma Concealer Brush for just $9!

This trick is what will make your lips really POP, and give them that plump and sultry look!

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