by Lindsey Fox

New Video: OOTN

Hey everyone! Last night I filmed a quick outfit of the night. Click the "read more>>" tab below to check it out.

This is just a quick little video showing you guys what I wore to go have dinner with my hubby and the kids, and then we headed on over to Target afterwards. It was really cold here last night so I opted for a big comfy sweater, some flared jeans, and some ankle booties.
Quick tip: If it is cold where you live and you wanna wear booties that are open toed, throw on some socks that are a matching color (mine are black so I just wore black dress socks that were the same shade) and you will never be able to tell... Plus it will keep your toes warm!
I also wanted to go ahead and tell all of you that I did have a tutorial to upload, but it just wasn't working. So I plan on filming a new one next week! I also have another video that as soon as I edit it, I will upload it as well!


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