by Lindsey Fox

Choosing A Flattering Blazer

Blazers have always been one of my favorite fashion accessories. They can definitely put together a look that might otherwise appear to be missing something. So here is how to choose one that will be flattering on your body type!

If you have an athletic body with bigger shoulders choose one with some feminine detail.

For us petite girls/women, a blazer that falls below your bottom is the best way to go! Dark jeans and heels will even slenderize your body as well.

When you have a tummy, length and structure are key. You can even go for a blazer with different color lapels (aka the collar) to help take the focus off the middle of your body!

There are so many different ways to style a blazer. A blazer over some lean pants will flatter any body.

What do you guys think of the blazer look?


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