by Lindsey Fox

5 Ways to Save Money on Brushes

Here are 5 steps to help you choose the right makeup brushes, and to save money...

1. What is your makeup routine? Consider what products you wear everyday. This way you don't purchase unnecessary brushes!

2. Test the new brushes before buying them by swirling them on the inside of your arm, (NEVER try the display brush on your face), that can be really gross haha! If the brushes feel scratchy or just plain uncomfortable then try to steer clear. I don't want to say that if a brush sheds then it is bad, because I have some really great brushes that will sometimes shed a lot!

3. Some makeup actually works best when applied with your fingers (like foundation or cream blush)! This is because your body will naturally heat up the product so it goes on easier, smoother, and with less streaking.

4. Consider the brushes that come with the products. Sometimes the ones that you get with a palette or compact work really great! It can be a big hit or miss though!

5. Don't forget that a lot of brushes will multitask, so there isn't a need to purchase a zillion different ones.
Unless you are like me and you just really want a large collection haha! 

What brushes do you guys use daily?


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