by Lindsey Fox

$7 Sigma Brush

Sigma has a great sale on their best selling brush right now! Their F65 large concealer brush with the matte black handle, that is normally $10, is on sale for just $7!! Woo hoo haha!

I seriously love it when they have sales! Even though their brushes are inexpensive to begin with, it makes me want to buy them even more the cheaper they are. But seriously, who doesn't like a sale? No matter where it is at!

This is great since I am actually in need of a new concealer brush, so what better timing? Plus, right now the free gift that they have for orders over $30 is a mini spa glove texture sample. This is personally great for me, just because I am always looking for ways to do at home spa things instead of spending a ton of money at a salon or spa!

You can click the pic above to go to the Sigma site and check it out, or you can follow the link given below!
If you guys own this I am really curious to know how you like it?


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