by Lindsey Fox

Collective Beauty and Fashion Haul

I recently did a little bit of shopping, including ordering online from Etsy for the first time ever! So here is a collective beauty and fashion haul from Old Navy, Etsy, MAC, and also a beauty supply store called Blooming Beauty. But first please let me just say....

If you haven't yet noticed most of my posts here lately are for a new beauty or fashion related video for my beauty channel. This is because over the last year I have really slacked off when it comes to uploading. That is mainly due to that my internet before was SUPER slow and would mess up constantly, which made it really difficult to upload! Recently we finally switched to a new provider and our internet is now super fast and it literally only takes me a few minutes to upload a 10 minute video, as opposed to it taking 24 hours and many many tries! So I hope that you guys don't mind it being like this for a bit as long as they are still related to my blog.

Without me blabbing any further, here is my newest video!


P.S. I do still plan on posting other things as well. Not just new videos!


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