by Lindsey Fox

DIY Gel Mani

For the longest I would go to the salon and get a manicure with a clear gel polish over top of it to make it last longer! Since that can end up getting a little pricey I decided to try it out with my mini LED light from Sally Hansen and film a tutorial while I did it!

The negative to doing it the way I did in the video was that I did end up experiencing a little bit of bubbling after I had showered a couple of times. I do truly believe that that had a lot to do with the fact that I was already wearing a regular OPI top coat on over the polish and then did the gel. That was all because when I got the idea to try out the gel polish over my regular nail polish, I had already done the top coat. I filmed this a couple of days after I painted my nails! Aside from that, it did made it a lot harder to get the polish off, so that was really good haha!

What do you guys do to make your manicures last longer?



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