by Lindsey Fox

Must Have Fall Accessories

    When it comes to fashion, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. So for me I find that searching through fashion and beauty magazines is a great way to keep up! This season there are definitely some Fall trends that I am not a fan of, as there are with every season, so I decided to only share the ones that I am really loving!

The chain strapped purse is definitely my favorite Fall must have accessory, and if you watched my Esty haul video you will see that I recently purchased one myself. The one above is from Charlotte Russe and is only $12.99!

Find it here-->

The tortoiseshell aviators are in this Fall as well. aviators have always been big in my opinion, I have just never really found a style that I liked. These by Michael Kors are definitely growing on my though. They are a little bit different than some of the other aviators, I feel like they have a bit more feminine touch to them than some others. They are listed as being butterfly shape with a tortoise shell! These are from asos for $101.26!

Never in a million years did I ever think that something like iridescent heels would be trendy haha! But they are, and I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about them. They definitely look cool, but some more than others! They would be totally fun for a night out if you were wearing solid colored dress. Just as long as you chose a color that was within the heel. I found this pair online at Patricia Fiend for $48! (Please note that the only reason I would never wear these is due to the snake look which freaks me out haha!)

Word jewelry is making a comeback too! This includes having your name as well. I personally use to have a necklace like the one above that was in my name. A great place to find things like this would definitely be the etsy website!

Call me crazy but I am kinda digging the lug sole boot trend! Especially in black... Some of the styles for this trend definitely bring me back to the 90's and watching Clueless haha! 
These above are by Steve Madden.

Having a leopard print accessory this Fall is a must! I absolutely love the pic above and how it was all pieced together. According to Glamour magazine, leopard is the new neutral and can be worn with any print, and I must admit that I am kinda agreeing! Places like Forever21 would be a great and inexpensive place to find these shoes or any other leopard accessory. (Notice that she is also wearing lots of other trends that I am talking about as well haha, totally unintentionally posted by the way!)

Having a really great looking and chic carryall is another must have this season. The one above is from Coach and I absolutely love the color of it as well as the texture, but I don't know if it is still available or not! The great thing about bags, and I mean any style of purses and bags, is that they can be found anywhere for really inexpensive. 

What are some of your favorite trends for Fall?

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