by Lindsey Fox

Personalize Your Perfume

The idea behind personalizing your perfume is really creative, and if you have several different perfumes like I do, then there isn't a need to go out and purchase a new one. Unless of course you just really want to. Click the read more tab below to check it all out!

Anyways... it is a really easy concept, you simply just layer them! Here are a few tips and tricks on how to find out which perfumes are going to go best together and subtly enhance them. You don't want to go around smelling like you just sprayed a ton of different scents in the perfume aisle at Wal-Mart haha!

1. Don't experiment on your skin. Instead use a tissue or blotting paper. They will absorb the perfume best, so it will give you the best idea of how it will smell on your skin.

2. This trick is my favorite for some odd reason, spray two scents into your bathroom and leave the room. When you come back after a few minutes if you are able to smell only one scent then that one will probably over power your skin!

3. DON'T mix the scents together into one bottle!! Instead wear them on different parts of your body. Wear the heavier ones on places like the crease of your arms, the base of the neck, wrists, or back of the knees. Wear the lighter scents on more prominent points, like your shoulders.

4. Put the heavier scent on first with something like a cotton swab. That will give it a chance to air out just a little bit before you apply the lighter scent.

5.You can even apply single drops of the heavier perfume on your wrists and then spray the lighter scent into the air and walk through it!

6. If spraying two different perfumes isn't something you are into, you can get the same effect by using other body products, like lotions or body washes, that have a scent similar to your favorite perfume. Then you would just use the body wash, lotion, and then pray the perfume!


1. You can pair florals with other florals and they work great together. Plus you have lots of scents to choose from since most perfumes are made with it!

2. Fruit scents are a little bit more tricky, but still pretty simple. Think about the fruit itself... clear, zesty citrus and crisp apple will brighten a dark musky scent. While deep purplish berries like pomegranate and blackberry have a heavier side that will enhance florals!

3. Earthy perfumes are simple to remember. This category means things like air or water. Just remember the different elements like earth, wind, water, fire, wood, etc... Remember that those all go nicely with each other!

4. Don't combine smoldering with sweet, it will just be too much! Things like spicy scents will go well with the qualities a woody scent will have. Pairing heavy florals with orientals will get a sultry smell.

If you are looking to intensify your daytime fragrance add some amber or musk!


1. Give a sweet scent more edge by layering a fresh, clean men's cologne on top!

2. Take your scent from day to night. Start off wearing an airy floral and then add a heavy floral, amber, or musk to intensify it!

3. Scents like oud and vanilla are going to be harder to layer though since they will instantly over power the others!

4.  Rose is going to be the easiest to pair with a perfume, since it is the most versatile.

5. Wanna help it last longer? Dab some pure almond oil onto your skin and then add the fragrances on top! (This is probably the most helpful trick haha)


Here are a few great examples!

1. Halle Berry Exotic Jasmine + Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede = a soft and sophisticated smell

2. Fresh Life + Giorgio Armani Ambre Soie = the perfect mix of a zesty citrus and velvety amber

3. Tom Ford Rive D'Ambre  + Comme des Garcons Amazingreen = a sex appeal

4. Balenciaga L'Eau Rose + Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir = deep and structured with a little bit of berry

Is this something you guys have done before or will try out? What pairing are your favorite?



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