by Lindsey Fox

COMING SOON!!!! (My New Store)

I decided to write this because I truly have all of your readers and viewers out there to thank for pushing me to do what I truly love!! You guys are always leaving me the nicest comments and really making me feel great about what I am doing. Just knowing that even one of you has read my new blog post, or watched my newest video really does mean the world to me. Some of you guys have nominated me for blogger awards as well, and that totally blew my mind!!! I can not express enough how grateful I am to each of you for inspiring me to go for my dreams, even if that means not succeeding in the end. So thank you all!!

With that being said, if you haven't already noticed there is a the new link at the top of this blog that says Shop!! I am so incredibly excited to finally be able to share with all of you my new online store that will be opening at the end of this month! (basically it will be available the night of September 30th, but it is easier to say October 1st) It will feature makeup and skincare, jewelry, accessories, nail polishes, fragrances, as well as gift sets, gifts cards for every age or gender, plus some men's fragrances and skincare too!! If you really get to browsing you will see that there is probably something for anyone and everyone.

AHH!! I literally just squealed a little loud in my head haha, I didn't wanna scare the baby!

I wanted to go ahead and post this to kinda let you guys know what all will be on my site and give you a little heads up before anyone else as to how it will work. I might end up doing a video explaining a few things a little bit further, but I haven't decided just yet.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing that I can stress to anyone that might possibly see something that they like, is to go ahead and create a FREE ACCOUNT so that you can see the actual prices for products. What you guys will see when just browsing around is the retail product which will be a higher price!

Another thing that I am super excited about is the partner stores that will be linked through my site, like PacSun, KMart, Barnes & Noble, Sears, Bass Pro Shops, and lots of others.. If you have already created your free account and go to their websites while logged in, you do have the benefit of sometimes receiving deals or discounts that wouldn't otherwise be available if you were to just go straight to their websites!!

There will also be a link to another site through my hubby for any of you that are in to energy drinks, bars, etc... or great vitamins or weight loss products! My favorite is the chocolate meal replacement shakes (what can I say, I love me some chocolate hehe). Plus, they are all organic so they are really great for you as well! I would also like to throw out there that the chocolate shake is super chocolatey and doesn't taste like a Slim Fast or anything haha!

Ok, aside from my random ramblings there at the end, the site isn't completely set up yet, but you can go ahead and check out what is up. Starting October 1st, you will be able to see EVERYTHING!

Again thank you all for your encouragement and kind words!
Lots of Love,



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