by Lindsey Fox

10 Minute Facial

I am super excited to share with all of you the Artistry 10 minute facial!!

The 10 minute facial kit includes:
      1. Artistry Advanced Creamy Foam Cleanser that I love using with my Clarisonic for removing makeup
      2. Artistry intensive skincare renewing peel (probably the coolest peel EVER)
      3. Artistry Creme LuXury
      4. Every kit includes the massaging facial cleansing brush too!!

The really cool thing about the renewing peel is that it has an internal timer... so it cuts off automatically after 8 minutes or once your skin's pH has reached 5.5! So you don't have to worry about any harsh burning or accidentally leaving in on for too long. You are free to go to sleep or do anything else that might take up a little bit of time. It also adapts to each person's skin condition right away, and leaves you with less of a need for any sort of a recovery afterwards! Now that doesn't mean that there will never be any redness, certain skin types might be just a lil red for like 30 minutes after, but you don't have to worry about it burning your skin! For instance with my Clarisonic hydro cleanser, if I accidentally leave it on for too long it does start to burn my skin. With this that isn't an issue since it will automatically stop working after a certain amount of time.

The entire set is one of the amazing products that you can find on Shop Foxxy Beauty for $44.10!!

If you were to add everything up separately it totals out to $125... so you are definitely saving money. Plus the fact that going to get a facial somewhere like Massage Envy can cost $69 for just one time, and with this you get AT LEAST 2 facials out of it for more than $20 less!

I do want to make sure you all know that if you do choose to browse the site for whatever reason, if you create your free account and choose to share your info with the site, then that is the only way the products will be available for less!! So once you create your free account just wait a short period of time to see the new prices (otherwise you will only see the retail prices which are more)!


P.S. I also have a Halloween collab video coming up this week with another youtuber!! Hint.... it is Disney related!!


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