by Lindsey Fox

Best Full Coverage Drugstore Foundation

I have mentioned the L'oreal True Match foundation before.. but I just can not stop loving it haha! Plus, I have yet to find a drugstore foundation that I would literally swear by!

The fact that they come in sooooo many different shades is also great because every one has a choice. Unlike other drugstore brands that don't offer that many different shades, you always have a shade to use with the L'oreal!

Personally, I consider this foundation to be full coverage. The reason for that is that when I wear this foundation I typically never ever even need a concealer other than under my eyes (that is because I like for under my eyes to be a little lighter and brighter, since I do suffer from horrible under eye circles)!! Right now my skin has been a little out of control and breaking out really easily. Yesterday some friends and I were talking about whether or not we suffer from acne and they had no idea that my skin was even broken out at all! The true match foundation was all I was wearing too, along with a slight bit of pressed powder (I don't wear too much powder though since my skin tends to be really dry sometimes! So the fact that they were sitting right beside me and had no idea that I do have acne made me love this product even more!!

I do talk about this foundation in my favorite drugstore products video, which you can watch watch below!

What is a drugstore foundation you guys love? I am always wanting to try out new products!

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