by Lindsey Fox

Thanksgiving Inspired Cranberry and Gold Makeup

Hey guys... First off.... I just want to tell you all Happy Thanksgiving even though it ended here on the esast coast a lil over an hour ago haha....also, so it turns out that I didn't forget to post my Halloween Ursula makeup tutorial like I thought I did! Anyways.... here is my newest makeup tutorial that I just upload about 30 minutes ago!

I decided today when I did my makeup that I wanted it to feel a little bit festive so I did a soft cranberry and gold eye shadow look! A little disclaimer, which is more of an apology really... I could NOT get a decent pic for the video thumbnail because the lighting was almost too bright and there were some shadows coming through the window that I was trying to dodge haha!

Thank you all so so much for continuing to read my bloggy and follow me and to view my videos and posts!! I love you all!!!


P.S. Major buy one get one beauty sales on my website right now!! :)


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