by Lindsey Fox

Jessica James Hair Tutorial

Hey everyone! I can't believe how badly I have been here lately about posting on here. Truthfully, I keep thinking that I have and then like 2 weeks later I realize that I forgot haha! So I decided to do a few posts to kinda catch everyone up a bit.

I am sure at least some of you have watched the new E! show Eric and Jessie. If not, you have probably either watched Eric play for the Broncos, or maybe you have heard Jessie's music before. With all that aside I was slightly obsessed with her hair style and was lucky enough to come across a tutorial on YouTube of her showing how she styles her hair!!

Now, the way she does her hair is a lil different than how I do it in the video. That is because my hair did better for the style by tweaking what she did just a bit. The look is super easy and super fast to do too!



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