by Lindsey Fox

Relieve Stress During The Holiday Mess

For some, the holidays can be super stressful. After all... there is a ton that goes into getting ready for them! Everyone around the world has a different way that they like to relieve some of that stress, and you probably wouldn't believe some of different ways they do so!

In Japan they have beverage pools filled with things like coffee, green tea, or wine in one of their spas. Crazy right?

Over in Iceland they do mineral massages using salts and mud. They also do things like the algae wraps and massages in water. Those probably all sound pretty familiar though.

In Miami you can take an Evian bath that cost $5000 dollars! It uses 1,000 bottles of Evian water. The French mineral water is believed to detoxify and purify the skin. Which definitely does make sense.

Italy has a very unique spa treatment. It is called a "Hay Bath." Basically you just are wrapped up in hay. Hotel Heubad has been doing this since 1903 and it attracts visitors from all over the world!! Locals and even doctors have said this to be a positive but temporary treatment for things like muscle cramps to stiff joints.

Lastly we have Portugal. They do a chocolate facial. Can we say yummy? It is a 40 minute treatment and they use oxygen infused, melted Swiss chocolate all over the face! Did you guys know that dark chocolate is considered the healthy chocolate for the body? It is also believed to fight aging as well as other things.

Now all of these can be a little extravagant... so for me I have a different approach to relieving stress during the holidays! Oddly enough one way that I feel stress free for atleast a few days is to spend a day deep cleaning my house. This is because when my house is clean I feel like it is much easier to relax the next few days and not have to worry about cleaning it haha! On a more feminine note I love to pamper myself, whether it be to give myself a manicure, or take a long hot bath with candles lit. I love to create that spa-like feel when you are unable to actually go to the spa.

How do you guys like to get rid of some of that holiday stress?

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