by Lindsey Fox

Christmas Party Vlogging!!

Hellooo everyone!! So I have some good/bad news... as you all know, I have had so many issues with my laptop here lately. Which in return has really limited the availability for me to be able to vlog, or upload, or even edit videos! Quite frankly it has been a total pain in the butt!!!!

Thankfully I should be getting a new laptop here within the next few weeks so my blogs and my YouTube channel will no longer be neglected so so much! In the meantime, my wonderful husband was able to get my computer working for now atleast, and backed up all of my videos and pictures on to an external hard drive. Since he was able to get it going for now (by the way this is the second time it has done this within the last few weeks) I was able to finally edit and upload the vlog that I filmed at my friend's Christmas party on December 21!

PLEASE NOTE!! There is drinking going on in this video as well as some foul language! There is however, NO UNDERAGE drinking! :)



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