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Get Gorgeous Hair

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be back to blogging on a regular basis! Not only did my laptop finally arrive yesterday, so I was able to upload a new video.... but, I just didn't realize how much I really missed it haha!

Today's post is going to be about my updated haircare routine featuring Satinique. Being I have very thick and super long hair, my friends are always asking me what I use to maintain it. Well I am about to give you all a quick little update on what I have been using the past 4 months and absolutely loving!!

Ok... to start off I use the shampoo as well as the conditioner for color treated hair, and let me just go ahead and tell you all that I first tried a friend's and I noticed a difference in my hair right away! It immediately looked healthier and less frizzy after the first wash... I even dried it and didn't bother straightening it that day either (normally my hair is sorta poofy if I only blow dry it)!

The red bottle and red and white bottle are the ones that I use! The line also features a 2-n-1 shampoo plus conditioner, smooth moisture shampoo and conditioner, extra volume shampoo and conditioner, dandruff control shampoo, a revitalizing hair mask, texturizing matte wax that are all currently available. Launching soon they have a straightening balm, dual defend heat protectant spray, scalp tonic (to help strengthen and make hair look thicker), and a styling cream all launching very soon!

One thing that has really made these products a keeper for me, is that when I got pregnant with my son my hair would constantly turn red, no matter what product I used to try to prevent it, even months after he was born this still kept happening... and if you have ever put red in your hair then you know that it is nearly impossible to get rid of! What was so frustrating for me is that I wasn't using any products that even had red in them. In fact, I intentionally looked for products to cancel out redness!

So once I started using the Satinique shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair I began to notice that I wasn't having that issue like I was before! Please also make note that I did make the mistake of accidentally coloring my hair with a brown that had red tones recently, so now I am back to square one of eliminating it haha! Luckily though, atleast this time I know that I have a product that will really be on my side and help me prevent the redness as much as possible.

Speaking of hair color, I have seriously been considering going blonde! Not platinum, but maybe similar to Hilary Duff's hair color. What do you guys think?

In May Satinique will be launching a new heat protector that I am dying to get my hands on that has been revamped, so it is now being called the Dual Defend Spray. Unfortunately, I can't show you guys a picture of it just yet... for now I am still using my Redken satin wear blow dry lotion when I dry my hair, and then the Tresemme heat protectant spray for curling or straightening my hair. So not only will the new defend spray save me money, since the Redken is almost $20 on top of the price for the Tresemme heat protector, I know that this line is one that works and isn't priced incredibly high!

I am sure some of you are probably sitting here thinking that that is a lot of product, but for me taking care of my hair is very important, and making sure it is protected from the damage of my curling irons, blow dryer, or straighteners is a must!



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