by Lindsey Fox

Quick and Easy Bright Eyes

If you have ever watched my videos where I am wearing no makeup, then you know that I have always had horrible eye circles! So for me personally, I really love it when I find a product for my eyes that really brightens up my lids as well.

My newest obsession is the Bare Study paint pot from MAC... It really does lighten my eyes and I have been loving wearing it by itself instead of with shadows, especially for a quick and natural look. To make it last longer apply a similar color shadow lightly over the top of it to set it!! I like Naked Lunch by MAC. There are lots of dupes too... so you don't have to go out and spend the extra money if you can't afford it.


When I am wearing just this I really love for a natural smoked out lash line so instead of doing something a lol harsh like a liner, I opt for my MAC 239 shader brush and my MAC eyeshadow in Carbon.

Then to top off the eyes my current favorite mascara is the Covergirl Bombshell mascara.. Let me go ahead and tell you guys this, this stuff really does make a difference!!

 What I really love about doing this look is that it is super fast, effortless, and natural! This paint pot is probably going to be my new go to for everything, no matter what look I am wearing you can almost bet this will be under there somewhere!



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