by Lindsey Fox

What all fits in a Louis Vuitton speedy 25?!

After watching lots of reviews on the Louis Vuitton speedy bags, attempting to determine which one I really wanted, I finally decided to go with the 25 versus the 30...

Truthfully, after I watching all of the reviews, every one kind of made the 25 seem so small and as if you couldn't fit hardly anything inside of it!! This made me a little worried about purchasing the 25 online, especially since I always assumed that I wanted the 30. Side by side pictures even make the 25 look super tiny.

So with that being said, I decided to drive to an actual storefront and compare the two for myself. As I said before I ended up going for the 25, so check out this little review/demo that I made showing you what all I keep inside of mine. I think you might be surprised!


P.S. This isn't to brag about my gift from my husband, but rather to give you guys a review that I thought was really needed!! Although, I do absolutely love it and am super proud of it.... Thank you to my wonderful husband that bought it for me as an Anniversary/ Valentine's Day gift (in case you weren't aware, we were married on Valentine's Day and this is the first year we were able to be together for it)!


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