by Lindsey Fox

Business Attire OOTD

As I told you guys before, I am getting my blog caught back up with posts and videos. I basically sorta went MIA for about a month, which I don't think I have done since I started this blog over three years ago! I have really tried to stay as dedicated to it as possible. Writing/blogging is definitely a HUGE passion of mine, and I am always feeling inspired to write about something new!

With that quick little ramble I feel like this part fashion blog is well overdue for a quick OOTD... so check out my outfit for a business meeting.

One big tip I have is to invest in a great hand bag that is a decent size, and carry a pair of flats with you at all times. I promise this is going to make a huge difference in your life on days you have to wear heels ALL DAY LONG!

Get the dress and heels I am wearing are from Forever 21!!



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