by Lindsey Fox

Gel Mani Without a Light?!?!?!? Whaaaaa?!

Sally Hansen has recently come out with a new and (I say improved) way of doing a gel mani.

Let's just say that it's super simple, takes the same amount of time as just regularly painting your nails, is just 2 simple steps, comes in FORTY FIVE SHADES, NO LIGHT REQUIRED, and is suppose to last 2 weeks! Seriously guys, I am dying to go out right now and buy this haha!

Sally Hansen has given this product the hashtag, #MiracleMani, and I'm not too sure I even disagree with that!

The Miracle Gel product retails for around $14.99 at Target and the individuals colors without the top coat vary, but are around $7-8! 

To be totally honest with you guys, I am a little bit ashamed that I didn't know about this sooner... guess I really need to shop the beauty aisles more often than I have been haha!

Have any of you used this? I am dying to hear your comments!



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