by Lindsey Fox

Ipsy August Unboxing! (A few weeks late haha)

Ok so if we are being technical... I didn't "technically" open it late. I'm just posting it to here a lil late haha! I subscribed to Ipsy about 4-5 months ago and my original plan was to upload an unboxing every month. Well to be totally honest with you I thought my first one SUCKED! Lol! But since then I have liked almost everything I have received. So far on my YouTube channel I have two unboxing videos up. Here is my most recent one...

To be totally fair.. I do have to admit that even though I wasn't digging my first bag, the $10 a month has been totally worth it. I have already received probably over $100 in products just in the last 4 months! Which is great because it's definitely helped me cut down on my monthly spending habits haha!



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