by Lindsey Fox

Rainbow Hair Trend

Seems like the last couple years having multi colored, or bright colored hair, is definitely starting to be a huge trend! I feel like Katy Perry really got the ball rolling a few years ago, or maybe even Kelly Osbourne. Either way it's a HUGE trend in Hollywood right now!

                                                                   Kelly Osbourne
                                                                   Demi Lovato
                                                                      Katy Perry

Even in my world, outside of Hollywood, my friends are no strangers to crazy and fun hair colors!

Both of these lovely ladies are always experimenting and trying fun colors and I am always in love with the results.... just wish that I had the courage to try something so fun! After all.. you're only young once right? Haha! My personal favorite is an ombre-rainbow type, as opposed to an all-over color.

What do you guys think of this trend? Is it something you will try or already have?



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