by Lindsey Fox

Updated Make-up Collection, Storage, and Setup + Nails (2014)

I know it has been a few weeks since I last posted a video. I got a new camera thank goodness! Technically it's my Christmas present, but I couldn't wait to start using it.. Mainly because I finally got a Canon Rebel, but also because the quality on the one I was using wasn't so great anymore. I guess it's getting old haha! Just so you all know, I filmed this video like 4 times because I am still learning how to use this camera, so any tips on using the Canon Rebel cameras would be amazing lol! Also, the intro was filmed on my old camera.

Anyways... here is my updated make-up and nail polish video. This one is totally different from all of my previous ones for a few different reasons, which you will see right away in the video!



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