by Lindsey Fox

Dream a Little Dream...

If you guys remember my post from around the middle of the month that corresponded to Nikki Phillippi's #howtobehappyjanuary, then this post won't be too much of a shock. Her videos tend to always really inspire me, and I love that she does this serious to kick off a new year! With that being said, this month I have found myself way more inspired to get things together (as in organized), and to really kick things up a notch and go for my dreams! So here are a couple more inspirational quotes that I think everyone needs to hear at some point in their life.

What a smart man he was...

This has to be one of my favorites, and something that even I have found myself needing to live by more in my life!

Also, don't forget to check out my YouTube Giveaway for Erin Condren (as I stated before about being more organized, this site has really helped me)!!

Huge Hugs,


  1. This has definelty been something that I struggle. Sometimes I'll find myself thinking, you need to be more like her; everybody likes her. In reality people would much rather know someone real than the person you think they want to know. I've been trying to stop thinking in this mindset this year!



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