by Lindsey Fox

#flashbackfriday A Stroll Down Memory Lane!

I realized the other day that I had posted my 400th blog posts about 3 posts ago.. and on top of that I can't believe it's been almost 4 years since I started my YouTube channel! I wanted to do a little throwback and share with you guys my first ever "makeup" video.. I say "makeup" because it was a slideshow of pictures for a prom or bridal look that I came up with. I did however link the video back to this blog and went in to more detail about the look on here. You can read that post HERE. Warning though, I am wearing no makeup in some of the pictures, and that was back when I had my thin eyebrow phase going on LOL! I do really love the eye makeup though.

If you want to read my first ever post on here, you can do that HERE! I promise the second post is much more interesting though, and I share some maternity pics as well.

(here is my first ever "makeup" tutorial haha)

Truthfully I must admit that I feel bad about the number of posts on here going down after 2012. The last couple of years I have definitely been slacking. Yes, I have consistently been keeping up with my youtube channel, but my poor blogs were getting almost no love. I hope you guys have all noticed that I have definitely been putting in more of an effort this year, and starting off on the right foot!

So I want to tell you all thank you so so much for your continued love and support these past 4 years and I can't wait to continue on this journey for many more years to come!

P.S. Here is another little throwback and an actual tutorial if you are feeling feisty and want to watch it LOL!



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