by Lindsey Fox

How I Conceal My Dark Under Eye Circles

As I am sure most of you know this about me by now, but I suffer from insomnia. Not to mention my dark circles are hereditary, so I am screwed either way when it comes to under my eyes. My insomnia has been pretty bad this week, so my circles are at their worst. I wanted to go ahead though and show you guys how I conceal them when they are just regular looking for me. When they are this bad they are never concealed completely, but it definitely is an improvement. This method I am going to show you guys, does work for me when they are just normal though!

Products used:
1. Coastal Scents concealer palette
2. Studio Gear Concealer
3. Bare Minerals concealer brush
4. I love my beauty blender sponge for this too (which is what i normally use to blend it all)

Do you guys have any tips or tricks when it comes to makeup, or getting rid of dark circles in general? I am always looking for different ways!



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