by Lindsey Fox


If any of you follow Nikki Phillippi, whether it be on twitter, youtube, etc.. Then you are probably aware of her video series called #howtobehappyjanuary. Let me first just say that I really seriously admire her, and how down to earth and real she seems! Anyways, her series has been really inspiring because of the message it sends, whether it be in a recipe or a quote. I read a quote from Dolly Parton earlier today that was actually in a planner haha. It is the one you see above. Personally, I really enjoy little saying and quotes like this. They always give me just a little bit of hope, and make me want to push through whatever little hard time I am having.

I ended up googling some other quotes from Dolly Parton, simply because I was looking for the one above. Then came across this next one. One: I love it because it's girly haha.. and two: it goes along with what I said before about how these types of quotes make me feel!

What are some inspirational things you love or how you keep happy when you feel like giving up?!



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