by Lindsey Fox

Lighting kit under $60?!?!

So I have been in desperate need of some kind of lighting since I moved almost three years ago haha!! If you watch my older videos, mainly tutorials, you just might notice that the lighting in them was soooo much better (minus the first few videos I did since I started my channel a month after giving birth and night was the only time I could film). That's because where I lived before I had a great window to sit in front of and the lighting was almost always perfect. Now the place we live has horrible lighting... plus the only rooms that have overhead ceiling lights are the dining room, foyer, kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways (everywhere else is just lamps)... which may sound like a lot... but every beauty girl knows that bathroom lights are awful, and who the heck films in the hallways where there is no natural light?

Anyways, I was watching a video of Elle Fowler's a while back... like several months ago, and she showed her lighting setup as well as linked it below on Amazon. With that being said I actually ended up purchasing a different set that was only about $5 cheaper, but it had way more reviews. Not to mention the only reviews I could find on the one she linked weren't very good ones. I was pretty torn since I knew they were what she was using, but I knew with my luck I would get them and they would break right away haha! So I ended up ordering the LimoStudio lighting kit (shown in the picture above), now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I like it. Plus it was less than $60, so even if it's not exactly what I am needing, at least it didn't break my wallet!!!!

This will make filming soooo much easier on me since I typically film at night so the only lights I have are from whatever room I decide to film in. I prefer to film during the day, but with 3 kids running around except for when my oldest is at school, it's not always the easiest thing to accomplish!

If you are wondering where to find this kit here ya go-->

If you guys have any lighting tips feel free to let me know!! I could really use them haha!



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