by Lindsey Fox

Southern Dressy Outfit Idea

Today's fashion post is a little bit different than any other I have ever done. I was inspired by a restaurant in my area that is also a country dance club! I put this outfit together with a couple different accessory options. If you are going for a more dressy look, I would add a statement necklace, which can basically dress up any outfit. For a more casual look, an infinity scarf can be added. The blazer is also a great way to dress up an outfit, while still keeping it casual with jeans and boots.

What I love about this outfit, is that I can still feel dressed up, but not too much. Plus it is sure to be a comfortable outfit and keep with the vibe all because of the boots! Growing up in Tennessee you typically always see lots of girls wearing their cowboy boots out on a Friday or Saturday night in Nashville, but they are usually always wearing the same look. Most of the time that is a dress, with boots, which too be honest is a little bit annoying to see 500 people in the same exact outfit.  So the fact that this is a little bit different, means it would stand out, but not too much.

This look is also super affordable to recreate. Which makes me love it even more haha!



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