by Lindsey Fox

Spring 2015 Makeup, Hair, and Nail Trends

Ok, let me first start off by saying this.. I don't typically get too overly excited about some of the runway trends as far as makeup and hair... but this year is actually totally different! I feel like I can really relate to most of these, probably because I do most of them already haha!

Let's go ahead of kick things off with the makeup part.

One of the big trends on the Spring 2015 runways were plum colors. Whether they be on the lips or eyes. Red lips are also another trend for Spring, along with some inky black on the eyes. Normally I wouldn't think of the plum for a spring makeup shade, but I can totally see it working.

Next up we have our hair trends.. which to be really honest are definitely my favorite part this year. I basically already wear my hair like this everyday because I am too lazy haha! There were a lot of air dried texture, low ponytails, and loose hairstyles.

Hair has two trends for Spring and I am super excited about this next one as well! BRAIDS.... lots and lots of different styles of braids. Braids in updo's, fishtails, regular braids, you name it. I also love how the fishtail has that loose look which is also on trend. 

Last up on the Spring trends are nails... now I can't lie, I am not a huge fan of the negative space manicures, but they are a trend nonetheless. The other trend that I feel like isn't exactly a new thing for Spring, is baby soft polishes.

Which trend is your favorite for Spring of this year?



  1. Very nice Inspirations

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  2. Love the trends this season especially for hair! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. New follower :) xoxo

  3. I don't understand the negative space manis, either. They seem too incomplete for me.

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