by Lindsey Fox

MAC's Cinderella Collection Inspired Outfit

Here lately I have been obsessed with all things Cinderella. I know that sounds a little bit weird, but you can blame my daughter. She decided last week that instead of an Ariel party for her 4th birthday, that she wants to have a Cinderella party. So I have been on Pinterest quite a bit lately, and have even contacted Cinderella to possibly come to her party! Then on top of that, MAC released there Cinderella collection which made me even more excited haha. So here is a little breakdown of the outfit:

1. I have mentioned before my love of skater skirts, so I figured a light blue one fit the theme, and is great for Spring.

2. I tried to find a cute Cinderella top to show you guys, but instead here is a simple white crop top that you can buy almost anywhere. Forever 21 has great sales on their crop tops.

3. For shoes I love the way Converse, or Ked's look with shorts and skirts and jeans. I honestly don't like they way sneakers look with any of them unless I am going to the gym. There are so many different styles of Ked's and Converse, and even off-brand ones that you can really play around with!

4. This bracelet is my favorite part of this all! I actually just bought this for my daughter and found it at the Disney store. It would fit me though and it's soooo cute! It even has the carriage and glass 
slipper. The picture isn't identical to the one I bought, but it's very close.

What is your favorite part of this outfit? And don't forget to check out my big beauty giveaway here!!


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