by Lindsey Fox

E.L.F., ULTA, Sally Beauty, Ipsy, Skincare, Nails, and More Giveaway!!

Hey everyone! I know that I recently did a giveaway, and to be totally honest with you I am downsizing some of my collection before I move this month.. but also, I just really truly do enjoy doing these giveaways whenever possible. Don't worry though, non of these have been used at all haha! I have multiple different little goodies for everything from makeup, to hair products that I am giving away this time. Truthfully I am not sure I have ever done a beauty product giveaway like this before, so I am not sure if this is even something you are all interested in. Hopefully you are though, because i really need to get rid of these things, and I don't want to just throw out perfectly good products.

If you guys are interested in entering just head on over to my channel and read the description box or watch the video to see how to enter.

Love you all!!



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