by Lindsey Fox

Apologies and What's In My Makeup Bag?!

I firstly want to apologize for my lack of posts and videos. As most of you know I have just moved and also started a new job the day after I got here. So my schedule has been crazy now.... Also, the internet here isn't the fastest for uploading and I literally uploaded non-stop since Monday to get this video up! It's been insane!

With all that being said I FINALLY have a new video to put up. It was suppose to go up Monday (that's why it's titled Makeup Bag Monday).. but it didn't upload until just now!

If you guys have any video or blog requests please let me know! Also, no one ever responded for my beauty giveaway. I literally picked a new winner 5 different times! So everyone be sure to follow me because you just might get picked!


P.S. Thank you all for your patience. My daughter's 4th birthday is tomorrow and I am going to try to vlog some. I think maybe videos 5 minutes or less will upload so much quicker.


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